The sauce of sauces. Medium hot. The seeds and sesame seeds are of the highest quality and come from small-holder producers in the Sierra de Guerrero. Made with 3 Mexican chilies, crunchy pumpkin and hand-roasted sesame seeds. CONTAINS PEANUT. Ideal for fish, meat, salads, seafood, soups, pastas, pizzas, quesadillas and dips. Ingredients Vegetable oil (canola), chili mix (mixture of chili peppers, vegetable oil, peanuts, iodized salt and spices), sesame and pumpkin seeds. 100% natural sauce of premium quality.
Adrien L.
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"LA COMANDANTA stands for a lot of elements that I believe to be crucial for any food initiative nowadays. Yes, it tastes good and you will literally put this sauce on every plate."

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